Booking Notifications

Customize how you want to send your booking reminders.

Booking email notifications are triggered whenever booking state changes. Example: when booking is created email notification is sent to both customer and resource.

You can customize email notification at:

  • App Level
  • Project Level
  • Resource Level

Step-1: Enable booking notification at App Level

When app level booking notifications are enabled all your project and resource will be notified when booking state changes.

If you turn off app level settings make sure to also check if you do not have it enabled at project or resource level to prevent emails going out.

App level booking notification settings can be found in App Settings page as shown below:


Step-2: Enable booking notification at Project Level

In some case you might not want to send emails for all of your projects regarding booking notifications. You can turn off your app level settings and enable this setting at project level where you want these notifications to go out.

If project level settings are enabled all your resources would get email notifications. You can find your project level booking notification setting in Reminder section as shown below:


Step-3: Enable booking notification at Resource Level

Finally, if you do not want to send booking notifications to all your projects and resources you can disable this setting at app and project level.

You need to enable this setting at resource level so that your resource will get booking email notification. Resource level booking notification setting can be found in Resource tab as shown below: