Confirm / decline

Use the confirm_decline graph when you have to make sure the booking request is confirmed before the booked timeslot is unavailable and an event is added to the resource's calendar.

For a tutorial on how you would confirm a booking, please read this tutorial in our help center:

The confirm_decline graph goes through these states:

Tentative: When a customer makes a bookings request ([POST] /bookings with action='create') it is in tentative state waiting for either the confirm or decline action to be applied. Out of the box Timekit will send an email to the owner (the resource being booked) with links to confirm or decline the request. You can disable these emails from our admin dashboard. If you do this you must control the flow by calling /bookings/:id/:action so that the booking to passes down through the booking graph.

If the booking request is confirmed, the booking reaches the state confirmed and again out of the box, Timekit sends a confirmation email to the customer (unless you have disabled them).

If no further action is applied after that, the booking will reach the state completed one hour after the booking has ended, as described under auto-complete

If the booking is canceled /bookings/:id/:action action='cancel', the flow reaches the canceled state and Timekit will out of the box send a cancellation email to the owner.

Available actions

  • create ➡️ state: tentative

When in tentative state

  • confirm ➡️ state: confirmed
  • decline ➡️ state: declined

When in confirmed state

  • cancel ➡️ state: cancelled
  • cancel_by_customer ➡️ state: cancelled_by_customer
  • complete ➡️ state: completed
  • reschedule_by_customer ➡️ state: rescheduled_by_customer

Possible states

  • tentative
  • confirmed
  • declined
  • error
  • cancelled
  • cancelled_by_customer
  • completed
  • rescheduled_by_customer