The instant graph is used for the situations where the booking request is automatically confirmed, i.e. the booked user doesn't need to confirm the booking.

Create bookings with the instant graph with the action 'confirm', to immediately block availability for the resource.

If the customer (the person who's making the booking request) chooses to cancel the booking, the flow reaches the state cancelled_by_customer and out of the box Timekit sends a cancellation email to the owner.

If the customer doesn't cancel, the booking will reach the state completed one hour after the booking has ended, as described under auto-complete

Available actions

  • confirm :arrow-right: state: confirmed

When in confirmed state

  • cancel :arrow-right: state: cancelled
  • cancel_by_customer :arrow-right: state: cancelled_by_customer
  • complete :arrow-right: state: completed
  • reschedule_by_customer :arrow-right: state: rescheduled_by_customer

Possible states

  • confirmed
  • error
  • completed
  • cancelled
  • cancelled_by_customer
  • rescheduled_by_customer