Update booking state

Perform an action on a booking to update its state.

For a tutorial on how to perform the "confirm" action, head on over to our help center: http://help.timekit.io/working-with-the-api/bookings/confirming-bookings

Please also check out our Action links article on how you can create one-time links that will be safe to share with your customers, like links in an email. Use this for your customers to confirm, cancel or perform any other action on a booking without involving your backend.

Changing the state of a booking is done via actions. Some actions will autoplay and some can be manually triggered via this endpoint.

The actions available for a given booking are dependent on which graph the booking follows and which state the booking is in.

Some actions can take inputs/settings. For example, in the confirm_decline graph, the decline action can take a message and be enabled/disabled. Please see the reference for the relevant graph to see which inputs are valid.

If the action you're performing results in a final state where the booking cannot take other actions (e.g. completed, paid, declined etc), the response will have a completed key set to true.

Common actions

Confirm a booking: use the action confirm

Decline a booking: use the action decline

Cancel a booking: use the action cancel (if the resource cancels) or cancel_by_customer (if its the customer that initiates the cancellation)

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