Update booking state

Perform an action on a booking to update its state.

For a tutorial on how to perform the "confirm" action, head on over to our help center: http://help.timekit.io/working-with-the-api/bookings/confirming-bookings

Please also check out our Action links article on how you can create one-time links that will be safe to share with your customers, like links in an email. Use this for your customers to confirm, cancel or perform any other action on a booking without involving your backend.

Changing the state of a booking is done via actions. Some actions will autoplay and some can be manually triggered via this endpoint.

The actions available for a given booking are dependent on which graph the booking follows and which state the booking is in.

Some actions can take inputs/settings. For example, in the confirm_decline graph, the decline action can take a message and be enabled/disabled. Please see the reference for the relevant graph to see which inputs are valid.

If the action you're performing results in a final state where the booking cannot take other actions (e.g. completed, paid, declined etc), the response will have a completed key set to true.

Common actions

Confirm a booking: use the action confirm

Decline a booking: use the action decline

Cancel a booking: use the action cancel (if the resource cancels) or cancel_by_customer (if its the customer that initiates the cancellation)

Complete a booking: use the action complete (use this if you want to let Timekit know 'exactly' when you feel the event should be set to completed. By default, Timekit sets events to 'completed' one hour after the actual completion time). You can read more about this here: https://developers.timekit.io/reference/graphs

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