Projects overview


🚧 Work in progress

We are working on tutorials and guides for projects v2, please stay tuned.

Projects is a way to segment your resources and predefine the different aspects of a Timekit integration. Projects can for example act as event types for your different booking flows or they can represent locations and/or physical stores, the use-cases are basically endless.
In your project you can define which resources are available to book, which booking blueprint to use, how availability is calculated and many other things that all make up your booking experience.


Working with the API

Take a look at our API reference to learn more about the different endpoints in the API.

➡️ Projects API reference


Widgets aka. projects v1

In an earlier iteration we had en entity called widgets (later renamed to projects, which we now call projects v1). Which was simply an API-stored configuration of our booking.js widget. Widgets are no longer supported through the API but we remain backwards compatible.


Got a lot of business logic?

If your booking flow is very dynamic and has a lot of business logic, for instance if it involves your customer choosing from different parameters that will affect how the different booking-parameters will end up, you might be better off configuring requests to the /availability and /bookings endpoints on the fly, instead of relying on the predefining nature of projects.