Services Overview

Services allow Timekit developers to create a higher level group of services that share commonalities, but are spread out across multiple locations.

Some developers may choose to only use Projects, Resources, and Locations in their Timekit application.


Services are an optional concept that can make it easier to manage projects that are similar across many locations.

Let's start with an example. Imagine a salon that has 3 different locations, but has a common set of services they offer in each location. For example they may have locations in:

New York

At each location, customers of the salon can pick between two different services:

15min Neck Massage
45min Full Body Massage

In this example, the three cities would map to Timekit "Locations" and the 2 types of massage appointments would map to Timekit "services". The advantage to managing them as Services is that if you needed to make a change to how services are offered, for example the buffer between appointments or the overall appointment length, you can make that change one time, it will propagate to all the locations.

Behind the scenes, Timekit maps each combination of a Location and a Service to a hidden Project. So in our example above, there will be a 6 hidden projects for each of:

(Hidden) Projects
Toronto->15min Neck Massage
Toronto->45min Full Body Massage
New York->15min Neck Massage
New York->45Min Full Body Massage
Shanghai->15min Neck Massage
Shanghai->45min Full Body Massage

Customers book appointments with these hidden projects.

Besides offering the simplicity of managing multiple similar projects at multiple physical locations, the other big advantage of using Services is that it allows for simpler flows for how end customers select their appointments. Services allow a developer to more easily create a flow where a customer can, for example, select the service they are looking for BEFORE selecting a location. For example it is simple to create a flow in Timekit for developers who want to create the ability for a customer for first say they want to book a 15 minute massage, and then ask Timekit to find locations near the customer that offer that service.

Customer flows enabled by Services:

  • Select specific service, find locaitons near me
  • Select location, find services available

More information about creating and managing these services are in this documentation under Services.